Beetle Cat

A 12' Beetle Cat

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Harbor Adventures

Length Over All 12'4"
Beam 6'
Draft (board up) 8"
Draft (board down) 2'
Rigged Weight 500 lbs.
Sail Area 100 sq.ft.
Year Built 1965

Designer/Builder: Beetle Cats were designed by the Beetle family of Bedford Massachusetts. This cat was built by the Beetle Cat division of the Concordia Company in 1965. This is Hull number 1189.

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Construction:  This boat has been completely restored. Practically all of the wood has been replaced, the oak transom is the original oak from its initial construction. The hull is Atlantic white cedar planking over white oak frames. The floors are also Atlantic white cedar as well as the deck itself. The deck is also covered in canvas bedded in white lead. Also constructed of white oak is the coaming and the rub rail. The centerboard and the rudder are constructed out of okoume plywood. She is fastened with bronze fasteners. The spars are also original and have been sanded and refinished. The spars are of Douglas fir.

Sails and Rigging: Complete gaff rig with sail and rigging as shown in pictures. The sail is white Dacron and was purchased from Beetle, Inc. about two years ago and is in great condition.  The main is attached with 5 mast hoops that have a bronze fitting on the hoops that a fitting on the luff of the sail slides into.  The gaff and the boom both have nickel silver tracks on them with nickel silver slides on the sail.  All other hardware is bronze.  The turnbuckle on the forestay has stainless clevis pins. These should be replaced with bronze clevis pins to reduce wear.  There are a few stainless shackles that are currently int the process of being replaced with bronze.  All of the line on the boat is buff polyester.  Polyester is better known under the trade names of Dacron and Terelyne.

Engine, Tanks, Electrical:  None

Equipment Reported: Trailer

Comments: This boat, which was originally built in 1965, according to the owner, is reported to have been completely and faithfully restored to its original specification. Although we have not seen this boat ourselves, we feel the pictures indicate that she deserves a look. Even for a boat this small we recommend having a surveyor look her over. This Beetle Cat should prove to be a solid, stable boat and provide many hours of carefree sailing.

Location: Pennsylvania                                                                                  Price: $9,000.00 or best offer

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