Beyond Presentation Photorealism for Full Time Rendering Professionals

For our students and professional yacht designers there is little doubt that the Flamingo nXt photorealistic rendering engine Rhino plug-in is the best choice.  You can do beautiful perfect renderings of your designs that are ideal for promotion of your work.  It often takes a trained eye to tell a good Flamingo rendering from reality.  Mostly you can tell because in the real world objects aren't as perfect as they usually appear in Flamingo.

Who then should buy Brazil plug-in for Rhino?  We would say that if you have a large design office where one person does nothing but rendering they might well use Brazil. Or, if you expect your actual profession to be rendering vessels or interiors and perhaps doing renderings that will used in movies to create fully realistic worlds in which the actors can be immersed.  For instance you might create a sequence in which a real person's video image is merged into a tour of a large mega yacht which someone is designing and wants you to portray.  In other words if you need to create a reality which becomes a reality that is emotionally impossible to disbelieve.

This hyper realism is a product of an extraordinary number of tools to tweak images so that the actual way the human eye or a camera views a scene is captured.  It is quite possible to create a gritty reality that is essentially perfect.  We understand that Brazil is used to create the fully realistic environments of other worlds, other times, cities that used to exist or might exist someday, and so forth in many of the movies produced today.  We don't pretend to understand this and in fact have hardly mastered more than the rudiments of Flamingo nXt.  But we've got to say, some of the Brazil renderings are absolutely extraordinary and emotionally impossible to not see as real.

Educational License, $195
Commercial License, $895