Yacht Design School – Lesson 10

Steel & Aluminum Construction

 Revised 08/23/2020 – Copyright 2020


Books To Be Read With This Lesson

Aluminium Boatbuilding, 3rd edition by Ernest H. Sims (required)

Steel & Aluminum Scantlings Rule by MacNaughton Yacht Designs (required, printed version is being expanded so we only supply the spreadsheet at the moment)

Steel Boatbuilding, Volumes 1 & 2 by Thomas Colvin (required)

Boatbuilding with Steel (including "Boatbuilding with Aluminum) by Gilbert Klingel & Thomas Colvin

Machinery’s Handbook, most recent edition by Industrial Press (required)

www.aluminum.org for aluminum information

www.efunda.com  for materials and engineering research

www.matweb.com  for materials properties research


Tools for This Lesson

No additional tools are required.


What You Will Receive With This Lesson

            Silver Penny 25 Construction Drawing

            YDS Steel & Aluminum Scantlings.xls (This Excel spreadsheet is a very rough work in progress with extraneous notes, thoughts, etc.)

            Steel and Aluminum Scantlings Rule Summary for Students


What You Will Learn In This Lesson

                New in This Revision

                Organization of This Lesson

                Sources of Scantlings Information

                Iterative Nature of Comparing Steel and Aluminum

                Alloys – Steel

                Alloys – Aluminum  – General Comments

                Alloys – Aluminum – Basic Groups

Alloys – Aluminum – Temper

Material Properties Table

                Weld Symbols

                General Welding Procedure

Comments on Colvin

                Comments on Sims

                Developed Surface Hulls

                Round Bilged Hulls

                Lightening Holes

                Design Practice for Ease of Maintenance and Repair in Steel Hulls

                Design Practice for Ease of Maintenance and Repair in Aluminum Hulls

                Unusual Construction Methods

                Unusual Alloys

                The Galvanic Series & Corrosion

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