Yacht Design School – Lesson 11

Fiberglass Construction

 Revised 08/23/2020 – Copyright 2020


Recommended Reading for This Lesson

ABS Guide for Building & Classifying Offshore Racing Yachts – 1994*

ABS Rules for Building & Classifying Reinforced Plastic Vessels – 1978*

The C-Flex Manual by Seemann Composites.*  (download from www.seamancomposites.com)

Marine Composites by Eric Greene Associates, 2nd Edition, 1999*

Scantlings Rules for Fiberglass Construction by Thomas A. MacNaughton*

Marine Design Manual for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics by Gibbs and Cox , McGraw Hill, New York, 1960, (out of print)

Professional Boatbuilder Magazine (free subscription from www.proboat.com )


Tools for This Lesson

No additional tools are required.


What You Will Learn In This Lesson               


                Scantlings in Theory and Practice   

                Basic Engineering Questions in Fiberglass Construction Theory and Practice

                Industry Problems

                Custom Construction

                Semi-Custom and Series Construction

                Mass Production

                Planning for Proper Repair and Problem Solving

                The Solid Laminate Solution

                The Hollow Fiberglass Frames Solution

                The Wood & Epoxy Framed Solution

                Cored Hull Questions

                Light Cores and Their Limitations

                Honeycomb Core and Its Limitations

                Softwood and Epoxy Cores with Epoxy Laminate Skins

                Limitations of Kevlar As A Reinforcement

                Limitations of Carbon Fiber

                Testing Laminates and Especially Cored Laminates

                Problems in Distributed Load Testing

                Use of Cored Laminates in Interiors

                Preview of Advanced Methods in Analyzing Exotic Laminates

                Interesting Exercises

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