Yacht Design School – Lesson 14

Rig Design

Revised 06/22/2019 – Copyright 2019


Recommended Reading for This Lesson

AeroHydro Dynamics of Sailing, 3rd Edition by C.A. Marchaj

Analysis and Design of Airplane Structures by E. F. Bruhn 1949

Modern Gyroplane Design by Martin Hollmann

Modern Propeller & Duct Design by Martin Hollmann & Mark Bettosini

Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, 8th Edition by Francis S. Kinney

Sail Performance by C.A. Marchaj

Sailrite Kits Catalog (download from www.sailrite.com)
                NACA Reports: No. 181, 188, 344 (used in developing this lesson, not directly useful)


Tools for This Lesson

No additional tools are required.


What You Will Learn In This Lesson

                Understanding the Effects of Rating Rules

                Understanding the Effects of Tradition & Aesthetics

                Basic Aerodynamic Principles

                Basic Sail Design Principles

                Traditional Unstayed Masts

Conventional Stayed Rigs
                Partially Stayed Rigs

Myth of the Straight Jib Luff

                Designing Freestanding and Rotating Masts as Cantilevered Spars

                Designing Bowsprits & Boomkins

                Designing Booms, Sprits, Spreaders, & Wishbone Booms

                Design Considerations for Carbon Fiber / Graphite Fiber Spars

                Designing Rig Fittings
               Designing Compression Posts and Tabenacles

                Relating Rigs to Static & Dynamic Stability Calculations

                Weight Reduction Never to Be Achieved by Reducing Strength

                Rig Types

                Drawing Sail Plan and Figuring Balance

                Control of Sail Set

                Designing for Ease of Handling by Human Beings

                Considerations for Liveaboard and Voyaging Rigs
               Considerations for Dinghy and Beach Boat Rigs

                Sizing Lines

                Sizing Blocks and Sheaves
                Construction of Blocks

                Multiplying Power

                Special Considerations

                Magnus Effect Design

                Support for a Rotary Wing Drive

                Dynamic Strength Calculations for Rotor Blades
               Dynamic Scaled Sacrificial Models

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