Yacht Design School – Lesson 16

Accommodations Design Principles

Revised 04/27/2017 – Copyright 2017


Recommended Reading for This Lesson
            No additional books are required with this lesson.


Tools for This Lesson

No additional tools are required.


What You Will Learn In This Lesson

                Reference to the Tables Used in Developing the Preliminaries

                Use of Space & Proportioning Properly

                Avoidance of Affectation and Complication


                Safety Factors

                Suitability to Use

                Ergonomics – The Science of Comfort

                Lights, Portlights, Hatches, & Ventilation

                Use of Finishes & Color in the Joiner Work
               Grain Run in Joinerwork and Small Items

                Use of Soft Goods of Proper Materials, Textures, and Colors

                Principles for Functional Design of Individual Accommodation Elements

                Designing for Minimum Power Consumption & Simplicity of Supply

                Functional Plumbing Alternatives and Water Supply
                Difference Between Voyaging Yacht Interiors and Coastal or Intracoastal Interiors

                Cruising Boat Interiors

                Workboat Interiors

                Highly Finished Yacht Interiors

                Planing Hull and Racing Sailboat Interiors

Choice of Materials

                Choice of Construction

                General Layout of Accommodations  Drawings

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