Yacht Design School – Lesson 19

Business Management Part 1:

The Small Design Office & Basic Investment Principles

Revised 05/13/2014 – Copyright 2014


Books To Be Read With This Lesson

Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

Common Sense on Mutual Funds by John C Bogle

Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch & John Rothschild

L.L. Bean Catalog

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch


Tools for This Lesson

Microsoft Office Professional (complete office management software package)

HP Officejet Printer (with duplex printing attachment)

Epson Stylus Printer (with full color CD/DVD printing capability)


What You Will Learn In This Lesson


                Small Office Management

Hourly Rate Analysis

Breakeven Analysis

Setting Fees for Custom Designs

                Setting Fees for Stock Plans

                Qualifying the Design Customer

                Design Agreements

                Setting Fees for Publications

                Office Space

                Not Letting Ego Reduce Financial Success

                Promotion Through Technical Writing for the Yachting Press


                Self Publishing of Technical Books and Design Catalogs

                Introduction to Promotion Through the World Wide Web
                Supply Creates Its Own Demand

Customer Support

Scheduling the Work

Financing Differently Than Other Businesses


Building a Family Friendly Business


Investment Principles

                Investing for Financial Independence

                Real Estate or Boats

                Using the Income and Expense Journal to Determine Amount to Invest

                The Miracle of Compounding
                Use of the Rule of 72
                Importance of Evaluating Costs and Fees

                Mutual Funds

                The Stock Market


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