Yacht Design School – Lesson 20

Creating A Firm to Design, Build, Store and Repair

 Revised 09/15/2020 – Copyright 2020


Books To Be Read With This Lesson

                Business at the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates

                Direct from Dell by Michael Dell

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine, October 2004) [substitute the book]

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas Friedman

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Friedman

Microsoft Expression Web 2 Step by Step by Chris Leeds

The Microsoft Expression Web Developer's Guide to ASP.NET 3.5 - Learning to create ASP.NET applications using Visual Web Developer 2008 by Jim Cheshire


Tools for This Lesson

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (web site creation package, Version 4.0 is now free)

PayPal Standard or Pro (ecommerce solution)

Adobe Acrobat Professional (for universally distributable publications and drawings, also web site forms)

Rhino CAD Software

Flamingo nXt Promotional Photorealistic Rendering Plug-In for Designers

Penguin Illustrative Rendering Plug-In for Publications and Designers

Bongo Animation Software

Brazil (Optional) Photorealistic Rendering for firm members whose final product is their rendering work


What You Will Receive on Graduation
            A Diploma with Frame
            A Complete Set of YDS Lessons (revised to the date of graduation, for your reference)

What You Will Learn In This Lesson

                Introduction to the Final Lesson

Why We Teach This

                Design, Construction & Repair, Brokerage, Surveying

                Advantage of Each Aspect Feeding the Others

                Even the Design Specialist Needs a Shop

                The Nature of the Boatbuilding Industry

                Design Agreements & Builder Contracts

                Smoothing Out Economic Hills and Valleys

                Setting Hourly Rates

                Developing a Pricing System

                Figuring the Breakeven Point

                Qualifying the Customer

                The Marketing Plan
                Office Location



                Financing Differently Than Other Businesses

                Taking the Time to Do it Right

                Developing the Business Plan

                Writing Design Articles

                Writing Technical Articles

                Writing Books

                Sending Plans to Builders Over the Internet

                Web Site Construction with Expression Web    

The Place of Print Advertising

                Promotion with Perspective Line Art

                Promotion with Rhino Model Development and Flamingo Rendering

                Promotion with Animations Including Walkthroughs, Flybys, and Operational Training

                Promotion in Person

                Client Promotion

                Yacht Brokerage

                Managing Reputation Through Transparency  

Investing for Financial Independence

                Real Estate or Boats

                Mutual Funds

                Stock Market


                Having People Work With You 

                The Global Design Firm & How to Design a Virtual Company Based on Collaborative Software

                Working for Others                                            

                Further Study

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