Yacht Design School – Lesson 5
Model Making as a Design Aid

Revised 03/19/2020 - Copyright 2020

Books To Be Read With This Lesson
    Capt. Nat Herreshoff – The Wizard of Bristol
by L. Francis Herreshoff

Special Note:  Unless otherwise noted the photos in this lesson were taken by student Seth Colby in the model rooms at the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol Rhode Island.  We acknowledge his contribution with great appreciation

Tools for This Lesson
    Bandsaw or Stationary Power Jigsaw
    Table saw
    Flat Face Record Adjustable Blade Spokeshave
    Curved Face Record Adjustable Blade Spokeshave
    Miniature block, hollowing, and rounding planes
    The small tools above available from WoodCraft.  Grizzly Tools is a good source for the bandsaw and table saw, but you can usually find these used through local classified ad listings.
    WEST System epoxy, or G/Flex(tm) Epoxy by Gougeon Brothers

What You Will Receive With This Lesson
Lines of the Shilling 22
Lines of the Anacortes 32

What You Will Learn In This Lesson
Why Models are Helpful
    The Hawks Nest Model
    The Conventional Half Model
    The True Designer’s Model
(with a great many pictures of Nathanael Herreshoff's models and tools, by student Seth Colby).

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