Yacht Design School – Lesson 6a

Revised 06/08/2020 - Copyright 2020

Recommended Reading for This Lesson
Albert Strange on Yacht Design Construction and Cruising by/ed. by Jamie Clay & Mark Miller
Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships
by Cyrus Hamlin
Seaworthiness - The Forgotten Factor by C.A. Marchaj
Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, 8th edition, edited by Francis S. Kinney
Tall Ships Down by Daniel S. Parrot
Yacht Designing and Planning by Howard I. Chapelle

Tools for This Lesson
No additional tools are required.

What You Will Receive With This Lesson
Complete Plans of the Farthing

What You Will Learn In This Lesson
    Areas and Displacement by the Trapezoidal Rule
    Areas and Displacement by Simpson's Rule
    Center of Buoyancy, Longitudinal
    Center of Buoyancy, Vertical
    Center of Lateral Plane (measured & by paper methods)
    Center of Waterplane Area
    Pounds Per Inch Immersion (Kilograms Per Centimeter)
    Prismatic Coefficient
    Displacement to Length Ratio
    Wetted Surface
    Scantlings Numeral
    Block Coefficient
    Weight Estimate
    Weights of Materials
    Longitudinal Center of Gravity
    Vertical Center of Gravity
    Ballast Location & Weight
    Figuring Center of Gravity

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