The Steel Bantam "Timmy" in the Rideau Canals
"Timmy" tied up for the night A Plywood Bantam

LOA 18' LWL 18' Beam 9' Draft (varies w/engine and propeller chosen)

One of our most popular design, hundreds of sets of Bantam plans have been sold all over the world in the past two decades. Conceived as a work boat for light towing, mooring and boat yard work, she was also given a berth in her wheel house in case someone needed to wait for a tide or make a long-distance tow. We never intended her to be an actual cruising boat, but she has been used for that purpose with great satisfaction. Her work deck turns out to be large enough for a couple of folding chairs, and all in all she makes a most civilized little day boat for those who don't need to go a long distance in a hurry. After all, look around for a small boat that has a real wheel house with standing headroom, overnight accommodations, and deck space, and there aren’t many that will compare.

We know of one Bantam which has both an upper and a lower berth.

Bantam is especially popular with grandparents and grandchildren.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $650

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