Cliff W. Estes

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Cliff W Estes is a resident of the Pacific Northwest United States, where he has lived and practiced marine design for 34 years.  He was an early pioneer in designing boats in AutoCAD (ca 1984) and has NC lofted over 100 vessels ranging in size from a 17-foot skiff to a 200-foot barge.   He has been an avid proponent of the Rhino 3d modeling program ever since its first issue.  He also has experience teaching both Rhino and AutoCAD online.


His design experience ranges from small fishing vessels to very large motor yachts.  He has also participated with a team in the design of a 400-foot, 12,000 cubic yard hopper dredge and the mechanical systems for Fireboat No 2 for the city of Los Angeles.  He also created all the tooling for the composite superstructure of a very large motor yacht, currently being built in the Pacific Northwest.


When you can peel him away from his computer, you are most likely to find him photographing sailing races on Puget Sound for the regional sailing magazine, 48 Degrees North. 


His first passions are his loving wife of 38 years and his two-year-old granddaughter, whom he photographs every chance he gets.

Design Page