This rough sketch of the 30 foot version of the DL100 ultralight canoe sterned boat happens to be similar in overall dimensions and superficial appearance to the Herreshoff Rozinante. However she has both more room and a lower cost for the basic boat. This is a very light, long, narrow vessel. Since most of what people are looking for in interior accommodations requires length more than width, this relatively inexpensive and very fast boat can have a modest galley, head and four berths. There is enough room left over for full foam flotation if desired. See below for particulars on the various sizes. The next page has a profile and a few comments on the 60' version. The page following has a profile of the 44' version. Though we haven't done the quotations, past experience, before we sold our boat yard, suggests we could build a simple but complete cruise away version of the 30' vessel for around $33,600 and a super yachty version for around $44,800. This would be with sails, anchors, and all the gear down to table ware.

It might be a good idea to point out a couple of things about the appearance. For one thing the sheer is only approximate. That is it gives a rough idea of how the sheer will appear on the completed boat. But the final drawings would show stronger curves. This is because on the actual boat the ends would be further from your eyes and therefore would appear to be too flat if the sheer wasn't adjusted for best appearance in full perspective. We used to do half models to get this right. Recently we've been using Multisurf by Aerohydro to do it on the computer. Another point is that on the drawing the cabin trunk, and especially the cabin top, look a little high. Remember that the cabin side is a little further from the eye than the sheer and therefore will look lower on the completed boat. Even more important the centerline of the cabin top is so much further from the eye that, high as it looks on the drawing, it will not be noticeable on the completed boat. Therefore even in this shortest version we can achieve a beautiful sleek, classic appearance.

This type has a long waterline for the weight, very low weighted surface, ample working sail area and ample draft in relation to beam. She therefore should be very fast in light and moderate airs. In heavy winds if driven hard she would go fast but would be more tiring than a heavier type. Though designed with coastal cruising and short offshore hops in mind these vessels would be amply strong enough and capable enough for offshore voyaging. If fitted with full foam flotation she might even be considered a preferable choice. The real limitation on offshore use is physiological. Most people are less likely to get sick or overly fatigued in lumpy conditions offshore in a heavier boat with a slower motion. However there are people for whom a long slow motion is more tiring than the shorter quicker pitch of this very light type. In any case for most people's usage this is a minor consideration.

This boat would be really quick to build in sheathed strip construction.We'd end up with a hull thickness of about 1/2" in the 30' version which would be built upside down and turned over for finishing.

  DL100-30 DL100-44 DL100-60
LOD 29'6" 44'3" 59'
LWL 22' 33' 44'
Beam 6'6" 9'9" 13'
Draft 4' 6' 8'
Displacement 2,240 lbs. 7,560 lbs. 17,920 lbs.

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