An Ideal Location for an Internet based business

Readers may be interested to know that this area is an especially attractive one for Internet based businesses.

The official figure for Eastport from the State of Maine a couple of years ago was that at least 10% of the households in town derived all or part of their income through the Internet.

Housing and other living costs are low. If you are big enough to need more space than a house provides there are numerous commercial buildings available at very low prices compared to the rest of the country. Further, if you need to hire people there are no more hard working people than those in this area. Local schools on the high school and post high school level which are ready to teach courses in whatever skills you need if you are likely to hire the graduates include Shead High School, Washington County Technical College, and the University of Maine at Machias. The area is beautiful and the outdoor recreation possibilities are unsurpassed. Eagles, hawks, herons and other birds are common. Whales, and numerous varieties of fish abound in summer. Eastport produces a good percentage of the high quality Atlantic salmon consumed in the United States and exports paper products all over the world. Yet the total population of the town is under 2,000 people. In addition we have a Victorian Brick downtown and an airport capable of serving everything up to corporate jets. Eastport is located on 3.75 square mile Moose Island which is in the great Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bay system. Moose Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway yet retains much of the feel of an island.

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