Edward A. Scott

Ever since Ed was a small child he had an interest, or perhaps obsession with boats of all kinds. His first experience in a boat was at age seven when he and a friend went rowing in a little six foot plastic rowboat. They rowed up and down the creek for hours, through the woods, pretending they were in the "land of dinosaurs". Life was good unti they rowed a little too vigorously and hit a rock. This split the keel and the boat sank. Fortunately it was only in two feet of water and all they lost was the boat and a half eaten bag of Oreo cookies.

By the time Ed was fourteen he had enough boat, ship, and submarine models in his room to start his own Navy. As he grew older he discovered electronics and decided that was the direction he was going to go in life. Although he had seen ads for schools of yacht design and did give it serious thought, electronics was still his choice.

His first job after school was learning the ins and outs of aircraft radio navigation systems. Later he moved on to marine electronics. After a few years at that, he started working for a company that designed industrial computers.

During this period Ed spent a lot of time on the waters in and around New Jersey and the Cheasapeak Bay, usually in a powerboat.

After twenty some years in electrical engineering and computers  he was ready for something different. While searching the Internet for schools involved in computer training, he came across yacht design schools and ended up signing up for both macnaughtongroup.com's Yacht Design School and a competitor's program. In addition he took a diploma course in AutoCad to update his CAD skills. He has also taken a WoodenBoat School course in surveying and a technical school course in outboard engine mechanics.

Somewhere in this time frame Ed's wife said "It sounds like you want to be a yacht designer instead of an engineer". This precipitated the decision and they decided to move to Eastport to be nearer Yacht Design School. Ed is still deeply immersed in his yacht design education, but rapidly got good enough so that he was offered a drafting job here at MacNaughton Yacht Designs. Ed says that this is an opportunity for which he is thankful and that the encouragement of the Chief Designer at MacNaughton Yacht Designs and also of Ed's wife Pat has made it possible for him to change careers.

Ed feels that he and MacNaughton Yacht Designs have similar engineering and design philosophies. He likes working on design things as significant as a boat which is someone's dream or livelihood.

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