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General Advice on Jobs
1. Graduates and advanced students looking for work can often get work with us at MacNaughton Yacht Designs.
2. Your best bet may be simply to make a list of your favorite designers and have us help you get work with one of them.
3. If you want to work for a boat building firm instead of an independent design office, try ads in Professional Boatbuilder.
4. Occasionally people approach us to put ads on the site, which are posted below.   This is done as a service to our students. We are not paid for posting these ads; and we have not investigated or endorsed any of these positions or claims made about them.
5. Some of these postings will be those of "recruiters".  Since yacht design firms generally deal directly with individual applicants, these listings will tend to be biased toward larger vessels than many of our students will be interested in.

10/04/2013 - To all our students and friends over the last 24 years:  We've just been contacted by Jim Ford who is seeking someone to manage the construction of tugs and barges, etc. at a construction and maintenance operation on the Gulf Coast of the United States.  This could be a good opportunity for some of you.  Here is the information supplied to us to put on the site:
"Upper Gulf Coast ship building client seeks General Manager for their shipyard.  Preferred candidates will have a background managing a commercial ship building operation with P&L responsibility, from customer development to fabrication management.  Company is experiencing rising tide economic climate in the Gulf Coast region from expanded oil & gas activity, industrial processing and Panama Canal expansion.  Very attractive compensation package. 20+ years of experience."  Interested candidates can send their resumes to Jim Ford, jrford@leyendecker.com

06/14/2012 - Deb McCall from Ted Hood Yachts has just contacted us about finding a Yacht Designer to work with Mr. Hood.  If you are one of our advanced students, or a student already working in the field, this could be a good opportunity for you.  I've also posted this in the "What's New ..." section of the website but here is the complete "ad" which they sent:

Ted Hood Yacht Design - Portsmouth, RI.
Looking for Yacht Designer specializing in New Ideas.
Responsible for creation of both computer generated and hand drawn renderings of Power, Sail yachts and Cats
Please send Resume to:
Or call direct at (401) 682-2146
Main Office:
Deb McCall at administrative@tedhoodyachts.com or (401) 682-1712

07/02/2008 - Metal Craft Marine, Incorporated in Kingston, Ontario is looking for a CAD operator.  Contact: ryan.h@metalcraftmarine.com   While they sent us some additional information it was in locked "pdf" format and we couldn't cut and paste it in here.

06/06/2008 -  This posting is probably most applicable to someone who has been out working for naval architects doing a fair amount of commercial work.  If that fits your experience, this should be of interest:

Our client, Ingram Barge Company, part of Ingram Industries, seeks to recruit an experienced Naval Architect who will provide the primary oversight for all naval architect projects for their barge and towboat fleet. 


As the industry leader, Ingram Barge Company currently has a fleet of nearly 4,000 barges including dry cargo hopper, liquid cargo and dry cargo deck versions.  The towboat fleet includes approximately 100 linehaul vessels ranging up to 10,500 horsepower and 40 vessels under 1,800 horsepower.


The organization has an industry reputation for superior customer service, state-of-the-art information systems and a high quality training and safety program, as well as quality equipment and superior maintenance standards.


The Naval Architect will report to the Senior Vice President of Operations.


Principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


-Prepare submissions for Coast Guard review and/or approval.

-Analyze motor vessel performance, including vibration and propulsion, as required to improve productivity.

-Evaluate motor vessel propellers for pitch changes.

-Assess before and after propeller repairs.

-Fulfill requirements of the new subchapter M vessel inspection regime requiring naval architect or marine engineer oversight.

-Provide assistance with deck barge, hopper barge and tank barge design, approvals, inspection and construction as required.

-Perform motor vessel stability analyses as required.

-Analyze float and draft criteria.

-Lead hull renovation/redesign efforts.

-Lead design efforts for any new towboats and barges.

-Manage and coordinate emission regulation and fuel efficiency issues.

-Assure all compliance issues are appropriately managed.


Other responsibilities include:


-Participation in industry trade association activities related to vessel engineering, operations and regulations.

-Provide short and long-term research and advice on any issues related to fleet architecture and design which will have an impact on operations as well as growth and profitability.

-Perform other duties as assigned or requested.


Experience and Qualifications:


-Minimum of five years experience as a naval architect, preferably with knowledge of the towboat and barge industry

-Naval Architecture degree from accredited program

-PE certification or capable of obtaining PE designation

-Relevant marine operations experience not necessary but beneficial

-AutoCAD expertise required

-Excellent oral and written communication

-Track record as a team player who is willing to learn

-Strong understanding of the architectural issues relating to the Ingram Barge Company and be able to provide effective leadership to the organization in the discipline

-Will be expected to work closely with engineering, operations and outside contractors, as well as with Ingram employees involved in fleet redesign, retrofitting and new construction


This position offers an excellent opportunity for a long-term career with the industry leader.  The organization offers an excellent compensation and benefits package commensurate with experience.  The position will be housed in the Ingram Barge Company headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, but will require significant travel to various locations and frequent on-site presence at their facility in Paducah, Kentucky.


For more information or to submit an application or nomination, please contact:


Richard D. Sbarbaro


Lauer, Sbarbaro Associates/EMA Partners International

2 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 100

Westchester, IL  60154

Phone: 708-531-0100

Fax: 708-947-9075

Email: Sbarbs@aol.com

05/26/2008 - hryachtdesign@gmail.com

US based yacht design firm seeks motivated Designer for exterior and interior design, styling and geometry creation as well as both 2D and 3D promotional image creation.  A successful applicant will be able to provide a portfolio of diverse and creative original work.  Strong 2 dimensional illustration skills by sketching, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. are required.  Advanced 3 dimensional skills with experience in Alias, Rhino, and Pro Engineer are required.  The applicant must be able to contribute creatively to multiple programs at times while working with other designers and outside collaborators.  The work will be completed within a team structure so collaboration with engineering and manufacturing resources must be strong.  Direct communication with prospective clientele may be required so strong storytelling, communication, and visualization skills are required.  Sailing experience is required, and competitive sailing experience is desired.  Relocation to Annapolis, Maryland is required.  Applicant must be a US citizen.

Please send resume to hryachtdesign@gmail.com

05/19/2008 - Bath Iron Works, a major builder of large military and commercial vessels, has asked us to post information on their Apprenticeship Program in the Marine Trades.  This combination of work and intensive training could be of great value if you are primarily interested in large ships.  While this is not generally where our students are headed, if you have an interest in the marine trades as they are applied to large ship production contact: biwcareers@gdbiw.com and supply them with your name, address, phone numbers, email address and where you heard about the program.

12/04/2006 -  Joseph Delgado cadcam7@hotmail.com has again asked us to let our CAD Course students know that he is looking for two (2) additional people skilled in the use of Rhino for yacht and small craft design.  See his previous ad below for more information.

07/26/2006 - Important message for CAD Course alumni:  Contact Joseph Delgado cadcam7@hotmail.com if you are a graduate of the our CAD Course in the use of Rhino for yacht and small craft design, or are otherwise qualified in the Rhino 3D design software.  Naturally the most desirable candidates will be graduates of both our CAD Course and the main Yacht Design School curriculum, and the second most desirable would be those CAD Course graduates part way through the main curriculum, but even those who have done substantial work on the CAD Course may be able to get a job as there is a great shortage of Rhino operators for the marine industry.  Mr. Delgado is looking for three people to start work immediately. Ideally candidates would be willing to relocate to Louisiana but telecommuting may be possible if your skills are sufficient.  The firm he represents will pay well in proportion to your knowledge.

Sent to Us on 09/24/2005:

IAG Yachts Ltd., is a newly formed luxury yacht manufacturing company located in Shenzhen China, close to Hong Kong. We are a division of  the International Audio Group with offices, sales and manufacturing  concerns in six countries world wide. Please visit our website at www.internationalaudiogroup.com

We immediately require a certified Yacht Designer willing and able to relocate on a permanent basis to China. We are willing to consider a relative new comer already employed in the yacht design industry, or an exceptional recent graduate possessing the ability to design a new  FRP tri-deck motor yacht about 130' L.O.A. Later designs will include a 50 meter motoryacht in steel and aluminum.

This is an exiting and solid career opportunity for the right person. The candidate will be able to produce drawings, 2D and 3D CAD work that will be drawn to industry standard, presented to and approved by the Classification Societies (eg., Lloyds). He or she will be well versed and competent in all aspects of Naval Architecture and Yacht Styling, and will be supported by a team of marine engineers and lesser skilled CAD draughts people under the direct supervision of the General Manager. That support team will produce detailed and bilingual shop drawings and CNC Nesting files generated from the candidates original work, later to be submitted to the shipyard, for construction. Please forward the candidates' resume, recommendations and contact information at your earliest convenience to the email address below.

Best Regards 

Reply to :Shelley Ho

Assistant to

Billy Baycroft
General Manager
IAG Yachts Ltd.,
Room 2310-2311 Press Building  Shennan Rd.C, Shenshen, China 518027
China Mobile:+86 130 6844 8008
Hong Kong Mobile;+852 6528 3008
Tel: +86 755 2748 3387
Fax: +86 755 2748 3535

Sent to Us on 03/03/2003:

Victory Design

We are seeking a strongly motivated yacht designer willing to join our design company in Naples (southern Italy, home of Pizza amoungst the rest).  Could be a talented you designer wishing to prove its tenacity, or somebody with 4 to 5 years experience in small (anything up to 150 feet, more commonly up to 70 / 80 ft.)

Sent to us on 04/30/2002:

Title of Job: Marine Designer
Length of Position (Direct or Contract): Direct
City: Confidential
State: MI
Salary Range: Up to $50,000

Job Description:
Come work for one of the premier recreational boat manufacturers in Michigan! This is an excellent opportunity for someone seeking to get out of the big city and into a relaxing environment. Qualified individuals will have an Associates Degree in Mechanical Design or Marine Design and will have at least four years of recreational marine design experience.

Hiring Requirements (Education/Degrees, Experience):
*An AAS in Mechanical Design or Marine Design required; Bachelor’s desired
*At least four years of recreational marine design experience
*At least four years of experience with computer aided design packages; preferred packages in order of preference: SDRC, Pro-E, CADKEY, AUTOCAD

Kris Witters
Technical Recruiter
Partners in Technology
616-554-5929 x107

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