Eastport Economic Development Forum

The following notes are from the meeting of the Eastport Economic Development Forum that took place on Wednesday May 28th, 1997. These are the raw notes. An open meeting which all are encouraged to attend will take place on Wednesday June 4th at 6pm in the Shead High School band room. This meeting will attempt to organize these raw thoughts and any others which people come up with into a Discussion Paper to be presented at the next regular meeting on the forum on June 24th. Space for this information is provided free of charge as a community service by macnaughtongroup.com. Public comment may be directed to friends@macnaughtongroup.com and will be posted here.


Eastport Economic Development Forum

Meeting of May 28, 1997

Janet Toth, Organizer

Ron Beard, Facilitator

George Finch, Introductory Remarks


Stated Purpose & Intended Outcome of the Meeting

Meeting Notes

(As taken by Ron Beard. These notes have been slightly organized and sentences made more complete. However, nothing has been left out.)

First Page Notes Labeled "Next Steps"

Second Page of Notes

Third Page of Notes

Fourth Page of Notes

Page Six Notes

Page Seven Notes

Page Eight Notes