This is a tiny weekending keel catboat for two. She is only 12' long and would be an ideal cruising boat for a couple of young responsible children. This boat was originally an idea for Tom and Nan's daughter. It has been carried as far as a few rough sketches and a set of rough Rhino lines.

Freya on her mooring in Deep Cove

The cockpit seating in this boat is unusual in that it consists of a flat floor at the right height for sitting on and the right width to brace your feet against the other side of the boat. This is rarely seen nowadays. But experience with Dark Harbor 17s and the MDI class Jinker indicate that in smaller vessels it has a lot to recommend it for simplicity and comfort.

By not having a foot well the companionway doors can lead to a simple roomy little interior which is simply one big cushioned berth flat with room for a small galley at the forward end. Thus in a very basic, single sail, boat smaller than a Herreshoff 12 in some respects you can have pretty good weekending accommodations for a couple of responsible kids, or some adults used to backpacker style living. She would also be good as a daysailer for an older couple who want the security of having a dry place to wait out a rain storm or the ability to anchor in a cove and go down below if the wind picks up enough to be unpleasant.

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