Immediate Future Plans of


Some of these potential plans for the future are quite immediate.  Some are not.  We are working on them in proportion to your apparent needs.  

MacNaughton Yacht Designs
        At present MYD is one of the larger design firms in the world.  As near as we can tell any amount of custom design work is available to us.  The size of the firm and the number of projects we do depends almost entirely on how many really top people we can find who want to work with us.  Therefore expansion will depend almost entirely on the number of yacht draftsmen and yacht and small craft naval architects we can find to work here.  At present we can supervise two new draftsmen at a time.  We could probably add one full fledged designer per year for the foreseeable future, if we could find enough to do so.  Each full fledged designer will be able to supervise at least two new draftsmen at a time, as they become available.
        Our intent is to continue gathering a top team of the very best designers and draftsmen in the world and promote their work.  Although the founder expects to have many years of active designing ahead of him and will continue to guide the philosophy of the firm, do new design work, continue to write about design, and continue to do new research, he hopes to train a top crew of designers and draftsmen whose work will be recognized individually as well as part of the firm.  This team will gradually assume more and more of the responsibility of the firm, with the goal always being to be able to provide the very best designs that produce the maximum of customer happiness.
        We are gradually working on a kit boat program starting with some of our very popular liveaboard and voyaging yacht designs.  These kits will be absolutely complete right down to people's choices of finish colors.  Every piece of material and hardware will be pre-cut or pre-cast and included.  All the builder will have to do is assemble the parts.  Even the building jig will be included.  These vessels are intended to be built almost entirely using hand tools, since all the labor except final assembly and finishing has already been done.  While the specifications of the kit and likely its marketing would be under our control, actual production of the kits will only be done in house in so far as is necessary for quality control.  We will welcome businesses who want to actually produce these kits or components for them and especially hope that they will locate here in the Eastport area.

Yacht Design School
        We continue to revise and expand our curricula in yacht and small craft naval architecture in response to our own research, the needs of the students, the needs of the industry and the suggestions of many.  While we believe we already provide the most advanced curriculum in yacht and small craft design available today, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and doing additional research.  These days most of our students work entirely on screen using the Rhinoceros(r) design software and we believe we are the only school of yacht design to provide full training in marine CAD work for both our own students and students attending other schools in the field.  We would like to add additional courses in rendering and animation as well.

        Again the scarce resource here is simply finding the people.  We are reviewing and putting on the web site more and more books all the time.  We hope to get to the point where we can market many smaller publications in directly downloadable form.  We have ventured into the production of publications on CDs and expect this to expand.  At some point we wish to index all the non-fiction books that we sell and recommend and make this library accessible page by page on line both so that books can be examined before purchase and so that Yacht Design School students and others can do research.  Because of the limitations of indexing and accessing information page by page we feel free that just as those who go to libraries and bookstores where they can look through the books as much as they wish tend to find that they wish to buy copies for their own libraries this ability to look up items of interest but not print or read the entire book will stimulate sales.  The more we sell the more resources this generates to develop more publications and pay their authors so this should all end up benefiting the industry immensely.

The Liveaboard Catalog
        We hope to develop this area a great deal in the future.  Our knowledgeable equipment reviews and free advice will always be all the promotion this will ever need and we expect that this will someday be a very large business serving the community of serious cruising people.

Yacht Brokerage
        We used to do this as people asked us to sell their boats and find them boats and there are a number of very happy people out their cruising, living aboard, and voyaging today because in one way or another we assisted them in finding the right boat.  Nevertheless at the moment this exists only as a free service helping people find the right boats.  We simply no longer have enough time to seek out the wonderful vessels that are out there, get the information on them and their designers on the site, and handle all the negotiations and paper work.  Sooner or later we will find a person or people who will enthusiastically work on these aspects under our direction and brokerage will do well again.

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