Lochlann 46

A cutter rigged canoe sterned heavy displacement luxury voyaging yacht.
Particulars (approximate)
Length on Deck 45'7"
Beam on Deck 14'8"
Length on Waterline 39'0"
Draft 7'4"
Displacement 58,862 lbs. (rough)
Displacement to Length Ratio 478 (rough)
Prismatic Coefficient .56 (assumed)
Wetted Surface 694 sqft
Working Sail Area 1,326 sqft
Sail Area / Wetted Surface Ratio 1.9
Scantlings Numeral 9.8
Total Hull Shell Thickness 1-1/2"

Lochlann 46 was originally sketched up for a gentleman whose company did consulting work for the government. The project kept being put on hold as he was sent to various places around the world and eventually the design just didn't go ahead. This type of hull is rare in that few people can pull off these subtle shapes. Aage Nielsen was the master, but he is sailing oceans we cannot reach now. Nevertheless, if you have taken great care in the design and a very good builder builds the vessel, this type is one of the most heartstoppingly beautiful creations one can accomplish.

Frankly I would love to take a year and finish this design in exquisite detail. I would want her to be built by one of a limited number of shops that I was sure could do her correctly. If you think you'd like her let me know. However, you would have to be someone, if not truly rich, with at least substantial resources. This sort of boat should only be built as a work of art by someone who can afford it. She will then provide many decades of wonderful pleasure to generations of people. There are few more cost effective ways to spend your money in a way that promotes human happiness.

Below you will find a rough sketch of one possible interior.

A quick sketch but based on the requirements of an experienced ocean voyager

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