Lynx 40

Explore the Coast of Maine in the summer and dive on coral reefs in the winter

LOA 40' Beam 19' Draft 3'0" Displacement 10,106 lbs. Displacement to Length Ratio 120 Prismatic Coefficient .65 Heel Angle for Maximum Righting Moment 5 degrees / Heel Angle for Zero Righting Moment 60 degrees / Maximum Righting Arm 7' / Maximum Righting Moment 70,000+ lbs. / Day Passengers 30 (seating for 37)

This vessel is a 40' passengers for hire carrying sailing catamaran. It has a wheelhouse and has two double cabins in the hulls so that she can be used to carry day passengers up north in the summer and then can commute south in the winter to take day passengers in the winter in a warmer climate. Crew accommodations are completely separate from passenger areas and passenger heads.

As with an increasing number of cruising catamarans where excellent strength must be combined with low weight the Lynx 40 is of Sheathed Strip construction.

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