Passagemaker 28

A voyaging yacht based on modern rescue craft thinking

LOA 28' 7" LWL 25' Beam 9'9" Draft 5'3 " Displ. 15,000 lbs. Sail Area 5 1 0 sq. ft.

Passagemaker includes as one of her elements a form of bow that was researched and tank tested for the British lifesaving service. It was found to be superior to traditional types in rough weather. It is very fine below and just above the waterline, but flares out rapidly to a pronounced knuckle well below the sheer. Thus, small waves do little to impede the vessel, and are cut by the sharp bow with little disturbance. Larger waves lift the bow gradually at first and then more rapidly as the buoyancy in the upper bow comes into effect. Thus the motion is kept to a minimum while the bow is prevented from submerging in most cases. The knuckle brings additional buoyancy into play at a specific location. It also tends to break and deflect the sheet of water running up the bow before it comes onto the fore deck either solidly or as spray. The effect of all this on comfort is obvious, but the motion-dampening qualities also increase the vessel's ability to make ground to weather in foul conditions, always a concern worth addressing. The remainder of the hull conforms to modern principles of heavy displacement design. It has a moderately cut away fore body for good steering characteristics and reduced wetted surface. It also has smooth diagonals for good speed, sections shaped for minimum wetted surface, moderate stern post rake, and deep fully attached rudder. She was made a double-ender for reasons of style and other minor benefits, not because it is our opinion that the transom stem is in any way inferior for sea keeping. She is available with either Chinese or marconi rig, a fixed or folding dodger, and two interior layouts, one of which incorporates watertight bulkheads.

Several people noticed that we left the plans pricing for this design off the order form. This is because some of the drawings were damaged in years of traveling around and have not been redrawn. However in talking with several people about the design I mentioned that they would have little trouble with anything if they worked back and forth between a set of Passagemaker drawings and a set of Voyager 30 drawings. Therefore we now will sell you both sets of drawings for the Voyager 30 price and advise you on any areas you get stuck on or provide any explanatory sketches needed.

Study Plans $66
Complete Building Plans $1,299




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