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We provide books on everything maritime for yacht and commercial craft owners, builders and designers. Click on an active book review button and you will get a detailed review, a table of contents and ordering information. There is a special reason to order these books from us. When you read them, if you find you have questions on the material you know you can email us for answers because we know the subject inside and out.

Recommended Technical Works, Non-Fiction & Fiction
 The following books have been selected for their value. Formally they were offered through an affiliation with a major book supplier. We are now developing our own inventory of these books. Until we get this system fully in place you may request these books by email or through the special requests box on our order form.

Please note that the majority of the reviews are currently being written and edited.
Once the review of the book has been completed, then the review link will be activated.



Boat Building

bcboatchapelle.gif (11879 bytes)

Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook
of Wooden Boat Construction

by Howard Chapelle
Review Order

bcboatsteward.gif (9110 bytes)

Boatbuilding Manual
by Robert Steward
Review Order

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Building Classic Small Craft:
Complete Plans&Instructions for 47 Boats

by John Gardner
Review Order

bcfskrep.gif (10774 bytes)

Frame, Stern & Keel Repair
by Peter H. Spectre
Review Order

bchow to build a wooden boat.gif (2739 bytes)

How to Build a Wooden Boat
by David C. "Bud" McIntosh



bcp&v.gif (9799 bytes)

Painting & Varnishing
by Peter H. Spectre
Review Order

bcFWonBW.gif (13460 bytes)

Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood
Review Order

bcsmapprent.gif (13066 bytes)

Sailmaker's Apprentice:
A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor

by Emiliano Marino
Review Order

bcshipcarver.gif (11628 bytes)

The Shipcarver's Handbook
by Jay S. Hanna
Review Order

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