Simplicity 25

A moderate displacement coastal cruiser of simple hull form

This is a type of coastal cruiser we will revisit soon in a counter stern version with slightly reshaped sections. A number of years ago I approached a magazine editor about doing a "how to build" series on one of my offshore designs. The editor suggested we might go for a concept with "simpler" round bilged construction in a choice of methods. Although I have always found that you have to be very careful in thinking you are simplifying construction, I took this idea and some others of the editor’s and produced Simplicity. She was intended to be a simple classic family cruising sloop. Since she was supposed to be amateur buildable I did a very large number of drawings for her and a number of illustrations of her construction.

The only odd or unusual feature is that the beam continues to carry out above the waterline more than is usual. This makes a drier boat and gives a lot of extra reserve stability as the boat heels. Still this is the only feature I would modify somewhat today. Nowadays I would go for a little more initial stability by making her beamier on the waterline even though I am not convinced she would be an all around better boat. The reason for this is really that people walking around on her decks at anchor will find she heels a little more than they expect. This is enough to make some people feel she is tender, even though what is happening is that they are just further from the center line than on most boats of her waterline beam.

At the time I was designing her there was an aversion among those deciding her literary fate to building her upside down but that is the way I would do it today. We've sold quite a few plans for these little boats and I’ve always felt they were a good boat for a young family’s summer pleasure.

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