Student News

Students in all courses should submit items for this section of the site.  It is difficult to keep up with everything everyone is doing.  We never put information about students on here without them giving permission.  We are particularly interested in where students are working and what projects they are involved in.


12/24/2004 - Recently Mark Evans one of our British students, about half way through the YDS program in yacht small craft naval architecture, was admitted to full membership in the very prestigious Royal Institution of Naval Architects.  We are very pleased that his work has been recognized in this way.  We are also pleased that the Institution accepted Tom MacNaughton's sponsorship of Mr. Evans for membership even though Tom is not himself a member.

12/10/2004 - Leo Huang, from Taiwan, one of our CAD Course students was kind enough to send us some renderings he did using Rhino and Flamingo.  You can see these on the CAD Course page.

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