Virtual Reality Developer

Renderings and Animations are becoming more and more important both to promotional work in many of our endeavors and to instructional work.  This position could be largely a remote position for the right person.  While it takes a certain kind of person and a certain type of family for people to work at home, there are other options.  Many have separate offices either on their property or in a business building near by.  For this work one does not necessarily need to be here in Eastport.  All of us do more of this all the time and it may be that a separate position like this is not absolutely needed.  Nevertheless, one or two specialists who do this sort of work all the time may be much more efficient.

The person taking this position can expect to be doing renderings of views of boats and scenes with boats in them.  They will do walkthroughs and flybys and other such moving view point work. They will also do animations showing or instructing in boat handling, boat building, design exercises, etc.  These will be marketed as CDs and later DVDs with control panels to access the renderings and animations plus more conventional text and audio material..

It is possible that this person might also develop and conduct courses for YDS in rendering and animation work.

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