Yacht Design School – Lesson 4b

Theory & Practice of Developing Excellence in Hull Lines – Section Shape Considerations, Fairing, and Hull Resistance Reduction

Revised 09/05/2020 – Copyright 2020


Books To Be Read With This Lesson

            Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing by C.A. Marchaj
            Fluid Dynamic Drag by Sighard Hoerner
            GA Airfoils by Harry Riblett

            Theory of Wing Sections by Ira H. Abbott and Albert E. Von Doenhoff (highly optional should only be read with Riblett)

            Modern Subsonic Aerodynamics by R.T. Jones (highly optional)           


Minimum New Tools for This Lesson


What You Will Receive With This Lesson


What You Will Learn In This Lesson

Section Shape and Initial Stability

Designing Chines to Avoid Cross Flow

Underbody Smoothness


Wetted Surface

Flow at or Near the Water Surface Versus Submerged Flow

Modeling Flow Over Surface Piercing and Near Surface Bodies

Fully Immersed Streamline Flow

Evaluation of Drag on Fully Submerged Streamlined Bodies

Proper Construction of Streamlined Bodies

Variable Prismatic Coefficient for Low to High Speeds as Boat Changes Trim

Appendix One - Frictional Resistance by the Banding Method

Appendix Two - Foil Development Principles