Yacht Design School - Lesson 2a
Preliminary Design - Type, Size, Profile, & Accommodations

Revised 03/30/2020 - Copyright 2020

Books To Be Read With This Lesson

  • Understanding Boat Design by Ted Brewer
  • Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships by Cyrus Hamlin

Minimum Tools for This Lesson if Using Computer Assisted Design
        Rhinoceros(r) (commonly known as Rhino) Version 4.0 or later


What You Will Receive With This Lesson
  • Shining Moon 36 Profile & Rig
  • Freedom's Song Lines
  • Solid Wood Spar Construction for Chinese Rig
What You Will Learn In This Lesson
  • Introduction for Lessons 2a & 2b
  • On Reading This Curriculum
  • Defining the Intended Use
  • Displacement
  • Deciding on a Type and Style
  • General Rules for Interiors and Human Proportions
  • Estimating Required Size
  • Roughing Out Profile, Deck Plan and Accommodations
  • Spar Dimensions on Preliminary Drawings
  • If the Above Were Not Done at This Time the Lines Would Be Poor Ones
  • Proper Layout of Drawings
  • Preview of Lesson 2b
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix - Use of Splines, Spline Weights, and the Planimeter for Those Using Manual Drafting

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