Yacht Design School – Lesson 8 Summary

Plank on Frame Wood Construction

Revised 03/21/2020 – Copyright 2020


Recommended Reading for This Lesson

Boatbuilding by Howard I. Chapelle

Boatbuilding Manual by Robert M. Steward

Common Sense of Yacht Design by L. Francis Herreshoff

The MacNaughton Scantlings Rule Book


Tools for This Lesson

No additional tools are required.


What You Will Receive With This Lesson

            Sagittarius 60 Construction & Accommodations Drawing

Sagittarius 60  Sections & Opposite Profile Drawing


What You Will Learn In This Lesson

                Why Study Carvel Construction

Theory of the Method

                Theory of the Caulked Seam

                Sawn Frame Principles

                Bent Frame Principles & Limitations

                Laminated Frame Principles & Limitations

                Types of Fastenings and Their Uses

                Specifications on Sizing Treenails, Screws, Bolts, Rivets

                Effect of Type of Fastenings on Construction Members

                Single Planked Carvel

                Double Planked Carvel

                Strip Planked

                Attaching Ballast to Keel and Keel to Floors

                Bilge Stringers

                Clamps & Shelves

                Hanging and Lodging Knees

                Stop Waters



                Deck Beams

                Mast Partners

                Mast Steps

                General Layout of Construction Drawings

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