This form enrolls you in our Yacht Design School degree program and/or our other optional courses and bills your credit card.  It should only be used if for one reason or another the regular PayPal based shopping cart system doesn't work for you.  Any lesson order through the shopping cart system automatically enrolls you in Yacht Design School.

If you are enrolling in the Yacht Design School degree program you will be charged for the introductory YDS Lesson, which will be sent as an email attachment immediately. Printed lessons are available by special arrangement at extra cost. Subsequent lessons are billed only when you request them. See the online brochure for details of lesson costs. You may stop or pause in your studies at any time and resume without penalty. Any  lesson that has not been corrected at least once and its associated materials may be returned for a complete refund.

If you are enrolling in the CAD Course you are charged the entire cost of the course up front. We invite you to download the Rhino 5.0 evaluation software first at   This gives you 90 days to use the software, which is amply time for us to get you the Activation Keys to permanently unlock this software.  The CAD Course lessons and support files are provided by email attachment.  When ordering programs from outside of North America, please remember that we will be placing your order with the distributor in your region of the world, pricing  in US dollars will be at the level determined by the price in your country and the exchange rate.  Please note that although we normally make a small amount as dealers in this country, we are unlikely to be offered any portion of the money you are charged you for the program by an overseas dealer.  We offer overseas sales purely as a convenience for you, the student.

If you prefer you may print this form and mail it to Yacht Design School, 35 Clark Street, Eastport, Maine 04631 in which case you also have the option of paying by other methods, such as check or money order. You may also call 207-853-0071 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Eastern time Monday through Friday. Please email us with any questions or comments.

Note About This Order Form: The order form below is on our server. When you submit your order, you are saving your completed form on our server. We then directly upload the order form. At no time is your ordering information transmitted via email.  We do urge using the shopping cart system wherever possible.

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Please check the items you wish to order and fill in the number of any additional lessons you want.  Important Note on International Orders:
To order software outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand you must request an order form from us, via email or phone, for your particular region.  All Lessons and Courses can be ordered direct from us from anywhere in the world.

Course & Software Package Options Price Order
Yacht Design School, Lesson 1 of 24 (complete naval architectural training) $188
YDS Subsequent Lessons (can order several ahead, give numbers) $375
CAD Course Complete Tuition & Rhino Version 5.0 Software, educational license.  This is the minimum cost CAD Course & Software bundle $1,294
CAD Course Complete Tuition Plus Rhino Version 5.0 w/Flamingo nXt & Penguin Rendering  Plug-ins plus the new Bongo animation plug-in, all with educational licenses.  The biggest bang for the buck bundle of CAD Course & Software.  This is the option most often chosen because of the enormous savings on the great rendering and animation software. $1,594
Additional Software Options Price Order
Scan&Solve, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) plug-in for Rhino. Structural modeling of stresses in Rhino models. Educational License.  See Publishing Order Form for commercial and commercial floating licenses $295
Pricing If Purchased Separately Price Order
CAD Course Complete Tuition $1,099
Rhino Educational License Version 5.0 (shipping at actual cost) $195
Flamingo nXt Educational License (shipping at actual cost) Photorealistic rendering plug-in for Rhino. $195
Penguin Educational License (shipping at actual cost) Illustration, sketch, and cartoon type rendering. $95
Bongo Educational License (shipping at actual cost) Animation plug-in, for walkthroughs, flybys, demonstrations of mechanisms, etc. $195
Brazil 2.0 Educational License (shipping at actual cost)  Super realistic rendering for the full time professional who wants to go before perfect product realism to portrayal of full gritty reality $195
Rhino 5.0/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo Bundle Educational License (shipping at actual cost) The greatest CAD software deal for students available today! $495

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