Yacht Design School - Lesson 3a
Understanding Round Bottom Lines Drawings & Lofting

Revised 07/02/2020 - Copyright 2020

Books To Be Read With This Lesson
        Captain Nat Herreshoff - The Wizard of Bristol
by L. Francis Herreshoff
        The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction by Gougeon Brothers, Inc.
        Ship and Aircraft Fairing and Development by S.S. Rabl (out of print)

Minimum CAD Tools for This Lesson
Rhino Version 6.0, Educational or Commercial License

What You Will Receive With This Lesson
        Island Girl 24 Lines
        Miss Congeniality 38
        Bird of Passage 57 Construction
        Bird of Passage 57 Construction Sketches
        Blue Horizons General Lines Drawing
        Blue Horizons Canoe Hull Offsets
        Blue Horizons Ballast & Keel Lines
        Blue Horizons Ballast Offsets
        Freedom's Song 90 Lines and Offsets

What You Will Learn In This Lesson
Understanding Lines Drawings
        How Much Can You Draw on Other Designer's Work
        Round Bottom Lines
        Compromise Forms
        Midsection Positioning
        Drawing Sequence
        Reproducing the Diagonals on Your 2D Drawing
        Dinghy Lines Notes
        Powerboat Lines Notes
        Calculating Displacement
        Rudders and Their Inclusion in Calculations
        Pounds Per Inch Immersion (Kilograms Per Centimeter Immersion)
        Approximate Moment to Alter Trim One Inch
        The Table of Offsets
        Deck Camber Layout
        Proper Layout of Drawings
        Drawing Borders for Printing

What You Will Learn About In This Lesson
        Lines Development on Computers
        Computer Lofting and Cutting of Parts
        Future of On-Screen Design

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