Yacht Design School - Lesson 3b
Understanding Chine Lines Lines Drawings, Lofting, & Surface Expansion

Revised 05/30/2011 - Copyright 2011

Books To Be Read With This Lesson
        Ship and Aircraft Fairing and Development
by S.S. Rabl

Minimum New Tools For This Lesson
None for either CAD or Manual Work

What You Will Receive With This Lesson
        Merganser 40
        Silver Gull 14

What You Will Learn In This Lesson
Flat Bottom Hull Lines
        Vee Bottom Hull Lines
        Developed Surface Lines - General, Cylindrical & Conic
        Developed Surface Lines - Multi-Conic
        Expansion of Developed Plates
        Developed Surface Hulls in Rhino
        Expansions in Rhino

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