The Boat Yard Kit

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This package of writing and blueprints is intended to give a basic perspective on the industry. It includes some basic information on estimating for small shops, a list of the tools you will need for a professional boatbuilding and repair operation, and a collection of drawings of various yard buildings and a simple skidway. Most of this material is suitable for a small building operation all the way up to a moderately large building and storage business. The only things that you would need to know that are not included here, aside from just how to do the work, are how to do an hourly rate analysis, how to do a breakeven analysis, and how to develop a contract pricing system. You will also need an understanding of accounting and financial ratios, but that information is easy to come by.  The reader can email questions to the author about these things that are not covered. The author has not yet figured out the best way to teach people to do up a contract pricing system or hourly rate analysis and feels this still has to be handled on a "one to one" basis.


The price for this package of text and drawings is $171

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