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A Note About Our Reviews

We sell publications which we personally can endorse and which we feel will be of benefit to design students, our design clients, boat builders, and anyone with a interest in serious cruising vessels, living aboard, and voyaging.  We have read all these books and viewed these videos.  All of them are in our library.  There is a special reason to order these books from us.  As you read them if you have questions and want to discuss the material in them with people who really understand these publications, you can email us for free advice at any time.

This page assumes that you will use PayPal  to use either your credit card or a PayPal account to pay for these items.  Should you prefer to send a check you may also mail your order by printing out the relevant pages indicating on them what you want and mailing your order to MacNaughton Group, 35 Clark Street, Eastport, Maine 04631.  You can place an order by phone at 207-853-0071.  Our office hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern time.

Some of these book are out of print and are so marked.  In that case we try to show an average used price.  When you order one of these books and we find we can sell it to you for less we will refund the balance.  If we can't find a copy at the price we posted we will determine a price and contact you to either refund your money or for permission to charge the balance. 

Reviews:  Click on the titles to go to a dedicated review page for that item.

Special Requests:  Email us if you have any special requests or questions.

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Cruising & Voyaging Narratives

Cruising Guides

Cruising, Living Aboard, & Voyaging

Electronics & Electricity

Fiction - Other than Children's

Maritime History

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Sailing & Seamanship

Software - for Non-Students
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Yacht & Small Craft Naval Architecture