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(Yacht Design School students receive substantially lower pricing on these packages.  See the YDS Enrollment Form)

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Bongo commercial single user license Animation plug-in for Rhino $495  
Brazil commercial license. Hyper realistic rendering for full time rendering professionals who want to go beyond promotional photorealistic rendering. $895  
Flamingo NxT commercial single user license with  CD and 350 pg. user guide) Photorealistic rendering plug-in for Rhino $495  
Penguin commercial single user license Technical, sketch, & cartoon rendering plug-in for Rhino $195  
Rhinoceros 6.0 Commercial single user license with CD The best CAD package for designing yachts, yacht hardware, tooling, jigs, etc. $995  
Rhino 6.0/ Bongo Commercial Bundle $1,295  
Rhino 6.0/ Flamingo/ Penguin Commercial Bundle $1,395  
Rhino 6.0/ Flamingo/ Penguin/ Bongo Commercial Bundle $1,695  
Scan&Solve.  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) plug-in for Rhino. Analyses stresses, deformation, and failure behavior for Rhino models. Commercial License $995  
Scan&Solve. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) plug-in for Rhino.  Floating Commercial License, so that more than one computer can use this single license, one at a time. $1,995