Flamingo nXt
Photorealistic Rendering

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Flamingo nXt is a great advance over the extremely well liked previous versions of Flamingo.  The goal with this version was to greatly ease the creation of Flamingo's beautiful photo realistic images with compelling color, material choices, textures, and graining.  In addition environmental attributes like plants, water, sun light, and other forms of lighting such as you might use in a studio.

While you have great control to allow you to fine tune the models to an incredible degree, it is also easy to get an excellent rendering very quickly and then adjust settings if you wish later.

Of course rendering to this degree of hyper realism takes a lot of processing power.  However we have reached the point where the average computer today has extraordinary power and multi-core processors.  Furthermore if you have an office of networked computers it is quite possible to set up Flamingo nXt to use the idle resources of all the computers on your network to speed up rendering a great deal.  This allows the progressive improvement of images over time and makes it practical to go into extraordinary detail.

Is there any limitation to Flamingo nXt at all?  Not really.  For yacht design work we tend to want to produce photo realistic images of very perfect boats, and these are very easy to do.  However, let's say you want to do a color illustration for a book of a yacht that has suffered wear to her finishes, staining, etc. such as you might want to portray in a yacht which for dramatic purposes is shown as she would look after coming through some tough adventure.  In this case you can create or capture different tones, patterns, etc to create just about any imaginable effect.  I have seen Flamingo renderings equal to the very finest art.

Though I don't use rendering as much as many other designers do, when I choose to use it the emotional impact on the clients is extraordinary and I think every design firm should have Flamingo nXt as part of their Rhino toolkit.  (tm

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Commercial License, $495

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