Architectura Navalis Mercatoria
Fredrik Henrik af Chapman

Publishing Page

Architectura Navalis, Chapman2.gif (27014 bytes) This is a very beautiful book. One often hears the opinion nowadays that people used to use models because they were too ignorant and uneducated to draw lines plans back in "the old days". We are portrayed as smarter and more sophisticated than our predecessors, with our lines drawings and our supposed restriction of models to the modern concept of tank testing. Old time designers are portrayed as unlettered unsophisticated types who most likely could at best add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Given this widely held view, your reviewer feels that one of the great functions of this book is that it shows that in 1768 this work not only presented beautiful, sophisticated lines drawings and other drawings but also the companion text discusses tank testing of submerged bodies of various shapes, and the accompanying mathematics the author is using to explain some of his studies reach into calculus. So much for the ignorant, uneducated "old time" designers and builders.

If you have an interest in maritime history, the history of naval architecture, designing reproductions of the vessels of the past, beautiful drafting, etc., you will only be able to do without this book if you’ve never seen a copy. See it and you’ll have to have it. (tm)  $16.95