Boatbuilding Manual
Robert M. Steward

Publishing Page

Boatbuilding Manual2.jpg (6573 bytes) In a sense, in time and thinking, Mr. Steward picks up where Mr. Chapelle leaves off. Although a really excellent and complete book on boatbuilding in its own right, this book can also be viewed as a sort of volume two for Chapelle's "Boatbuilding". Steward covers more on the modern methods and fills in the gaps a little bit although we still aren't all the way to the great wooden boat resurgence brought about in part by the wood and epoxy revolution.

Just as I wouldn't want to be without my copy of "Boatbuilding" and wouldn't want to be without my copy of "The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction", I'd hate to be deprived of Stewards. (tm)  $34.95