Coot Club
Arthur Ransome

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Coot Club2.jpg (6772 bytes) Dick and Dorethea Callum go to stay on a sailing yacht on the Norfolk Broads, where they meet the young people who form the local bird protection society. The oldest of these, Tom Dudgeon, makes a tough decision to protect a nest of birds and finds himself in some trouble. Soon he and his friends, including Dick and Dorethea are sailing for Beccles, with Tom for the first time in charge of a cruising yacht and Dick and Dorethea learning to sail. Lapses in seamanship get them into some difficulties but good sense and good seamanship get them out again. Anyone who finishes this book without a desire to immediately take a holiday on the Broads is made of stern stuff. It isn’t just young people who love this book. (tm) $14.95