The Craft of Sail
A Primer of Sailing
Jan Adkins

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This is a true primer, which is written for the person who knows nothing about sailing.  It starts at the very beginning with the most basic concepts.  Unique to this book is that the author is a true artist.  You are not confronted here with technical diagrams but rather with beautiful fully realistic drawings.  These are so beautifully conceived for conveying a visual impression and so heart breakingly beautiful in themselves that they make the concepts very easy to remember and understand no matter how new you may be to the subject matter.   Even though this is only 64 pages long, it is probably the best way to start anyone on learning to sail.

There are no complications or esoteric here. No attempt to be modern or exciting or “cool”.  This is all just beautiful calm lovingly presented information on how to sail.  Your reviewer was a sailing master for several years and if this book had been available at that time, I would have started every student with it. (tm)

(64 pages, beautifully illustrated throughout, $12.95)

To our great regret, not presently available.