The Cruising Guide to the New England Coast
Roger C. Duncan, Roger S. Duncan, Wallace Fenn, Paul Fenn

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Sometimes cruising guides just go on and on generation after generation handed on from one generation to another of dedicated cruisers who keep it edited and up to date.  This book is an example of this.  People have dedicated much of their lives to researching and updating this book.  I well remember my mother curled up on her bunk reading aloud snippets from an earlier edition in the 1950s as she and my father discussed where to go the next day.  I still have that copy and it still reads well, but of course it is wildly out of date today.

However this latest edition is 810 pages long.  You are taken deep into the history, geology, weather and tides of this area.  While it covers from the Hudson River east including the Province of New Brunswick, many people will be buying it for its coverage of Maine, which is truly excellent.  If you are cruising New England you’ll want this book. (tm)

($49.95,  810 pages, illustrated)