Cruising in Seraffyn
Lin & Larry Pardey

Publishing Page

Cruising In Seraffyn.gif (34168 bytes) This special hard cover 25th anniversary edition of the first book by this famous voyaging couple combines their first sailing adventures with the first of their writing about what they have learned about the life. For this edition a great many pictures have been added to the book including a substantial section of wonderful color pictures in the center of the book.  In addition the authors have updated the material in the back of the book which is in the form of the extremely valuable Appendix I   "Affordable, Attainable Dreams, which describes just how to really be able to practically live this life from the point of view of the finances.  There are two more very nice appendices taking a look at "Seraffyn" in retrospective from both a practical and romantic point of view.  While no single book by the Pardeys is essential this and all the other books and videos of theirs that we sell are by today's most knowledgeable voyaging couple. While the Pardeys do not present information in as dense a form as some other books, they do know what they are talking about and the material is valuable and very readable. In addition to these books they have a number of books on their travels which are wonderful to read and we highly recommend them for entertainment and inspiration.  I can pretty much guarantee that after reading this book you will have "soft spot" for the Pardeys forever, and will have learned a lot of essential information about how to make the dream a practical economical reality.   If there is any one flaw it is that their information on costs, although updated for this edition, is historical.  We strongly recommend that as a supplement to this you should acquire our own article reprint "Living Aboard - Figuring the Costs" which takes up where the Pardeys leave off and tells you exactly how to figure what your costs will be given your family's tastes and your particular boat.  In any case there is no one book that gives a better feel for both the "why" and "how" of living aboard and voyaging than "Cruising in Seraffyn".  Highly recommended. (tm)  $21.95