Definitions of Custom Design Styling Types

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Form Follows Function Styling
        This type, carefully follows the rules of aesthetics.  Simultaneously, every element of the design emphasizes the practical and recognizes the practicality of taking the best advantage of the particular materials used when choosing shapes.  This type of design never concedes any sacrifice in function in an attempt to accommodate any non functional embellishment of the vessel, and achieves its beauty through this rather than in spite of it.

Traditional Styling
        This styling evokes the type of vessels which were evolved as local types by the users and builders without benefit of formally trained designers.  They can be highly refined in artistry but it is an evolutionary refinement, with each builder refining a type bit by bit, one boat after another.

Classic Styling
        Whether in a yacht or commercial vessel this embodies a style where careful naval architecture and strict adherence to the rules of aesthetics for boats, along with a disdain for "fads" and "fashion", creates a vessel which will always look beautiful, never go out of style, and will be very hard to place as to when she was built.  The classic yacht is so perfectly proportioned that it is difficult to tell the size of the vessel without a human figure for comparison.

Starship Styling
        This styling gives a feeling of freedom from restrictions imposed on shape by construction methods.  In other words the shapes make no apparent concessions to making things easier for a particular construction method.  While all the rules of aesthetics are followed so that the vessel will always look beautiful, she will tend to look futuristic through the natural human mental association of the future with freedom from restrictions on shape through an assumed superiority of future technology and construction methods.  Generally this style will have a lot of subtlety of shape and a use of "molded" or "sculpted" forms with the emphasis on not restricting the quest for beauty to forms easily built of stiff sheets or planks.  While care may give an economical construction the appearance will always be of uncompromising emphasis on flowing beautiful lines without regard to cost.

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