The Endurance
Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition
Caroline Alexander
Photographs by: Frank Hurley

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This book tells in detail the perils and ultimate triumph of the Shackleton 1914 expedition to the Antarctic in the vessel Endurance and the perilous voyage of escape in the rebuilt shipís boat which ultimately saved them after the loss of Endurance in the ice.  The most stunning part of this book is not the meticulous and thorough text but the extraordinary photographs taken on the expedition and reproduced in extraordinary quality in this book.  Reading the text and starring into the faces of the people you are reading about is extremely compelling.  It is impossible to gloss over or minimize their experience when you see it in such perfect detail.  No review can really do this book justice.  It is a great read.  If you are wintering over in a northern harbor tied to a nice safe dock with the ice all around that may be the perfect time to read it.  However if you are planning a voyage to winter over in Greenland, donít take this book!  It would be too much. (tm)

($35.00, 160 pages, liberally illustrated with extraordinarily well reproduced photographs by expedition photographer Frank Hurley)