Estimating Construction Costs
Thomas A. MacNaughton

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This early article by Tom MacNaughton holds up remarkably well as a study of what general factors go into construction costs.  As such it is a very good place to start for both the amateur and professional builder in understanding how much it is going to cost in time and money to build a given boat.

Having said that it never gets much further than what we would nowadays use for a preliminary quote based on concept drawings and figures which we would give to a client as a rough idea of what a boat will cost to build.  However it would never do for a firm contract price.  As such it is probably most useful for the amateur builder who doesn't want to get in over his or her head, or a small one or two man shop which makes it very clear to the client that they are just working for him and will have to charge whatever it ends up costing.

Once you've digested this article, if you seriously want to be a professional builder I believe you should be talking to us about getting a copy of our Contract Pricing System and our Boat Yard Kit.  The cost of the Contract Pricing System is almost entirely in training time.  With it we have demonstrated time and again that a builder can give pricing that is so close to spot on that Contract Pricing can be given.  To this day very few yards operate that way.  In other words very few go much beyond this article.

In any case start with this article and then move on to our other publications that are advanced professional tools.  ($10.00,  16 pages, illustrations and graphs)

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