Footwear for Women

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Sperry's Women's Authentic Original® Boat Moccasin. This is the classic leather top moccasin popular for decades among cruising sailors. This is the best choice of all boat shoes for those who really want their shoes to last a long time and take a lot of abuse. As such they are particularly popular with women who live aboard. They are available in three colors. "Ice", known to us non-Madison Avenue types as "white". "Brown", which is a dark dyed look. "Tan" which is the color illustrated is the most natural looking shoe. It looks best with the casual clothes favored by liveaboard women. These are available in women's sizes 6-10 in half size increments. $69.99
wpeB.gif (16867 bytes) Sperry's Women's Striper Canvas Deck Shoes. These are the classic boat shoes. They have been made for a very long time and are never out of style. They aren't as water resistant as the leather shoes, but they dry out faster also. They are a little better than the moccasin types for stepping into a very small amount of water that you can't quite bail out of the bottom of the dinghy. The blue upper will fade slightly with time but does so to a nice soft color that looks quite nice. Available in White and Navy. Womens sizes 6-10 in half size increments. $40.00

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