Get Ready to Cross Oceans
Lin and Larry Pardey

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When this DVD first came out Lin sent us a copy of it and its companion "Get Ready to Cruise".  I've got to say we have watched this ourselves several times and our discussion of some of the things discussed by the Pardeys have resulted in us adding additional items to our "to do" list for our own liveaboard home/office, which we are presently restoring.

Lin and Larry have been voyaging together for close to half a century now and I've got to say of all the voyaging couples who've ever written about how to live this life they are the most essential to today's sailor's understanding of how to approach living aboard and voyaging.  There are a number of other books and videos, some written and produced by truly experienced people and some, unfortunately, by people who simple collect what other people have said and repeat it.

With the Pardeys you can be sure that they have real personal experience with what they write about.  Never have we found another couple with whom we have so little disagreement.  In all their books and videos there are hardly more than a few sentences which we have the slightest hesitation in endorsing.

All in all we would suggest that any aspiring liveaboard or voyager really should read all the Pardey's "text books" and watch all their videos.  The folks who read these book and watch these videos have a better shot at making a success of this way of life than anyone who fails to do so.  $29.95

Reviewed by:

Tom MacNaughton