Get Your Captain's License
Charlie Wing with Jim Austin

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This is the fourth edition of a popular work which has been around for awhile.  It is intended to prepare you to take the US Coast Guard’s test to get a Captain’s License.  This study guide is intended to prepare you for the exams for the so-called “six pack” or basic license allowing you to take out no more than 6 passengers at a time, and the 100 ton Master’s License.  This is a good reliable way to study for these exams.  Do remember though that you will need sea time which is certified by someone who knows your capabilities before you will be allowed to take the test and get your license.

Personally, though I have never gotten a formal license, I think it is a good idea for as many people as possible to log the sea time and study for this license.  There is no question that someone who has seriously studied this book and set out to acquire the sea time necessary for the license will have learned a lot more than a great many people on the water and should be better off for it. (tm)

($69.95,  830 pages, includes an "autoexam" CD for self-testing)