The Journals of Captain Cook
Captain James Cook

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Normally I will only “review” a book that I have read, but I know enough of the voyages of Captain Cook between 1768 and 1779 to know that his journals would almost have to be fascinating.  I would think reading them in conjunction with a good biography would be a great experience.  Anyway when I saw this was available, I figured I had to put it on the site.  I have a lot of books I want to review.  It’s a frustrating process as so many I find not worth selling to people who’ve chosen to trust us to provide really good information.  However this goes on my list with confidence that I will find it very worthwhile

Cook voyaged the Pacific from the Antarctic to the Arctic.  He charted Australia and New Zealand and his voyages brought back the first descriptions of the natural history of the Pacific, which later was the basis for the interest which sent Charles Darwin to study the flora and fauna of the Pacific, which laid the basis for his later writings which so enhanced our sense of wonder at our origins.

These are the voyages in Cook’s own words telling what he felt was important and exhibiting the drive which enabled him to carry out such magnificent achievements. (tm)

($15.00,  672 pages)