The Manufacturers

ABI:  Unfortunately ABI is out of business.  However we have found that the major product from them which we sold, which was a bronze windlass, has an equivalent unit made by the R.C. Plath Company.  In addition R.C. Plath makes a number of other sizes of nice bronze windlasses.  We have found equivalents for most of the other parts that ABI sold.  We should be able to help you find good bronze hardware reasonably easily.

Den Haan: This company is from the Netherlands. They have been producing good quality kerosene navigation and interior lights for quite awhile. We have used them. In fact we have used them in extremely rugged conditions. Provided you carry spare globes and wicks you should have an extremely reliable light source. We have seen cheap imitations of these lamps of much inferior prices, but these are the real thing.

R. C. Plath:  This company makes great bronze windlasses of extremely robust construction for all sizes of yachts.  We have not yet been able to arrange a conventional dealership with them but would be happy to work with you and them to arrange for you to purchase one of their windlasses.

The Shipmate Stove Company:  Very fine heating and cooking solid fuel stoves.  The "Shipmate 211" model is the one we have in our home/design office to provide both heat and cooking.  There is nothing like the way the oven in this stove produces baked goods and other foods which need an oven.  We are representatives for this company and can supply any of these stoves.

Weems & Plath: This folks produce a number of products for boats. All their products seem well made. They are items you can be proud to own. The first item we have put in our catalog is their nice interior gimbled kerosene lamp. This is the best one we know of at present.

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